Security Center

Protecting your personal information is a team effort

Learn how you can spot the warning signs of fraud while we actively monitor your Monterra Credit Union accounts for suspicious activity.

Scams & Data Breaches

Find out about common scams so you know what to avoid, and get information about how to best respond to a data breach.

Fraudulent Transactions

These could come from a stolen debit or credit card number, a forged/counterfeit check or unauthorized access to your online banking account.

Identity Theft

Here's what to look for and how to protect yourself.

Digital Banking Security

We implement the latest security technologies to protect your accounts when you use online and mobile banking.

Elder Abuse

Identify the warning signs of financial abuse against elderly people so you can help someone in trouble.

Account Alerts

Set up alerts so you know what's happening with your account at all times. 

Text Alert Program

Stay in the know with our various text alert programs.