Protect Your Finances: Stay Alert with Fraud Text Alerts from Monterra Credit Union

  • December 14, 2023

Sleep soundly knowing that Monterra Credit Union has your back when it comes to safeguarding your debit or credit card against fraudulent activity. Our fraud text alerts are your proactive shield against potential threats, ensuring you stay informed and in control of your financial security.

Immediate Awareness, Effortless Protection

All members with debit and credit cards are automatically enrolled in this complimentary service. As you go about your daily transactions, Monterra Credit Union diligently monitors your card activity. Should there be any suspicion of fraudulent activity, we swiftly send you a text message alert, putting the power to protect your account in your hands.

Your Response Matters

When you receive a text alert, respond via text to confirm or deny the transaction's legitimacy. It's a seamless way to take control of your account security instantly.

Add the Alert Number to Your Contacts

To ensure you instantly recognize our alerts, we recommend saving the number 23618 in your contacts. This way, when you receive an alert, you can trust it's from Monterra Credit Union, providing you peace of mind.

Comprehensive Account Protection

Beyond text alerts, our commitment to your security extends to Online and Mobile Banking. You have the flexibility to monitor your account activity round the clock. Additionally, signing up for Email Alerts offers an extra layer of security, keeping you informed about any account-related updates.

Card Manager App

Exciting news! Our Card Manager app is tailored to your card-specific needs. It offers a range of customizable alerts, including:

  • Transaction Amount Thresholds: Set an amount limit to trigger an alert.
  • Card Not Present Alerts: Stay informed about online or digital wallet transactions.
  • Location-Specific Alerts: Receive notifications for international transactions, gas station purchases, or ATM withdrawals.

Safeguarding Your Information

At Monterra Credit Union, your privacy is paramount. We want to remind you that while our text alerts may contain specific transaction details like location and amount, we will never request your personal or account information via text. Your security is our priority, so avoid sharing sensitive details like your full account or card number, Social Security number, or any personal information over the phone or via text message.

Explore More About Our Text Alerts

Curious to learn more about our text alerts and how we prioritize your security? Click here for comprehensive information. Alternatively, drop by any of our seven branches, where our team will be delighted to assist you.