Financial Education

Continuing education promotes continued success

Use our award-winning programs to make a positive difference in your financial life. 

Knowledge you can put into action

Explore topics such as budgeting, understanding credit, buying a home and more 

Access helpful material tailored to specific age groups

Attend a workshop in person or engage with online presentations

Helping to improve people's financial well-being

Monterra Credit Union has been recognized at the state, national and international levels for excellence in financial education for youth, students and adults. 

And all of this material is available to you. If you don't see a program that meets your needs or you want to more information, please contact us. We can always customize a program for your school, company or nonprofit organization.

This is our flagship program for all high school students. It’s an eight-workshop series that covers budgeting and savings, understanding credit, the differences between a bank and credit union, and more. The program culminates in two workshops: Cash for College (seniors only), which guides families on how to apply for financial aid for college, and Bite of Reality, a lift simulation that shows students the realities of just how much life really costs.

In this program, families use a computer lab to fill out their California financial aid forms to help ensure graduating seniors get as much financial aid as possible for a four-year or community college.

While also part of the Making Change program, our special Bite of Reality Workshop is also available as a one-off event. In it, students receive a simulated life situation with a profession, salary and family situation. Then they must spend their income wisely to avoid over-extending themselves. The program is also available through the Bite of Reality App.

For our nonprofit community partners, we’ve tailored a program that primarily utilizes online financial education modules so that adult learners can go at their own pace through their phone, tablet or computer.  The LEARN Program is customizable to the needs of your organization. Contact us to discuss options for your group.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a home, we host regular Home Buying Seminars to help you understand and start the mortgage process. Check our seminars and events page to make plans to attend our next session. 

If you’re struggling to pay your loans, you can access one-on-one counseling through our partner, BALANCE. A representative at BALANCE discusses your options so you can get back on the right track.

We have over more than online education courses that are free to use for all members and community partners. We also offer a variety of interactive calculators to assist your research. 

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