Card Disputes and Fraud

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If you need to dispute a charge or file a fraud claim, start here and we'll help you resolve the matter.

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When filing your dispute, please complete all required fields and attach all supporting documentation. Your claim could be delayed if you're missing information or documentation, or if you use the incorrect form. Monterra Credit Union representatives may contact you to request additional information.

Dispute/Charge Error

This claim involves a transaction you recognize but appears incorrect. Here are common examples: 

  • You are charged for a recurring transaction or trial subscription you had cancelled. 
  • You are charged for a product or service you never received or received late. 
  • You are dissatisfied with a product or service and were charged. 
  • You returned or canceled a purchase but haven't received credit. 
  • You were charged more than what is on your receipt. 
  • The wrong credit card was charged for a product or service you purchased. 


Dispute a Charge


In this case, you identify unauthorized charges on your credit card and confirm the following: 

  • The activity was not conducted by you or anyone you authorized to use your card or account.
  • This charge wasn't made by another authorized user on your card or account.
  • You did not authorize anyone else to use your card or account.
  • You reviewed the transaction details and still do not recognize the transaction. (Keep in mind, merchants may use a different name or address for billing purposes.)



File a Fraud Claim

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