Flex Certificate

Watch your money grow with Flex Certificate.

Monterra Credit Union's 12-month Flex Certificate means you get the advantage of a great rate and the ability to make withdrawals. So when unforeseen expenses appear, you have access to your funds. Plus, you can have an unlimited number of deposits during the 12-month certificate term making this a flexible, accessible and sensible choice.

The Flex Certificate features:

A high-dividend earning rate of 4.00%APY*  


The ability to make penalty-free withdrawals¹, up to 50% of the daily available balance

An add-on² feature which means you can make deposits to your funds during the 12-month term

Certificate also available for business account types

Open your Flex Certificate today by clicking Open account, or by visiting any branch location or by
calling (650) 363-1725

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. The rate for the Flex Certificate is fixed for the stated term of 12 months. For current rates, visit the Share Certificate Rates section of monterra.org/rates. Dividends are compounded and credited monthly. 

¹Early withdrawal penalty applied to amounts withdrawn that exceed 50% of the daily available balance at the start of the day. 

²Deposits may be made at any time during the certificate term. Additional deposits do not extend the initial opening term of the certificate. The Flex Certificate must maintain the initial minimum opening and minimum balance requirement of $1,000 during the term of the certificate account. A certificate bump rate or increase is not applicable to this certificate type. Offer is subject to change without notice and additional restrictions may apply.

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