Direct Deposit

Direct deposit gives you quicker access to your funds

Skip the trip and increase your peace of mind with electronic, hassle-free direct deposits into your Monterra Credit Union account.

Enjoy more convenience and security

Automatically deposit your employee paycheck

Direct your Social Security check to your Monterra Credit Union account

Access funds sooner and avoid the delays of paper-check processing

Enroll in direct deposit and receive your payroll deposit one day sooner with Fast ACH

Automatic deposit is safer than a paper check which can be lost in the mail or stolen

Direct Deposit — The easy way to manage your check payments.

Signing up for direct deposit is the safest way to gain quick access to your paycheck. Speak with your employer's payroll administrator or human resources department. You'll need to provide your Monterra Credit Union account number and our routing number (321174851) in order to complete your direct deposit set up.

Information on signing up for direct deposit for Social Security as well as other agencies can be found by:

  • Visiting and signing up online
  • Call the U.S. Treasury Electronic Payment Solutions Center at (877) 874-6347
  • Visit your local Social Security Administration or applicable agency office

What a difference a day makes!

With direct deposit, your hard-earned paycheck arrives a day earlier. Monterra Credit Union members who are enrolled in direct deposit, now receive their payroll deposit one (1) day sooner. This includes government issued recurring deposits such as social security or a Veterans benefit deposit and even one-time deposits like a tax refund are now credited to your account one (1) day sooner.

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